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At Plexi Design, we work with various thickness and types of materials, such as Plexi Glass, Polycarbonate, ABS, Styrene, Sintra and UHMW.

Specializing in custom fabrication, using and modifying our customer’s designs and drawings, with accuracy and details we will fabricate to your requirements. From paper to finish products, we cut, glue, bend, and polish your displays.



At Plexi Design we can create your CAD drawings that are required for laser and CNC cutting. This allows us to cut or ingrave your designs with precision.


We offer various types of bends at extreme angles and radius to accommodate our customer’s needs.


Gluing without air bubbles is one of the challenges in this industry.  At Plexi Design, we can glue 1\2” and thicker materials without air bubbles using our UV Gluing machine. We can also glue regular thickness 1\16” to 1\2” using our everyday bonding method.


Here at Plexi Design we offer various types of finishes to your display.  Depending on the requirement of your product and the environment it will be in we can provide you with different finishes.
Depending on the type of material used in production, we can bullnose, sand and heat polish your displays.

Custom Designs, CNC and Laser Cutting
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